Protect & Preserve… with Mint-X® Pallet Covers

Utilizing the same botanically-derived and proven-effective ingredients found in our renowned Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bags, Mint-X Pallet Covers are designed to fit over the outermost packaging of whatever palletized product you want to protect. Our unique Pallet Covers keep away unwanted rodents and animals from contaminating your product, while also preserving the integrity of the goods within the cover.

Major Benefits Include:

  • Deters foraging animals when a product is stored in a warehouse or merchandising facility
  • Protects palletized product during transit for an extended period of time
  • Utilizes a fresh, plant based mint scent that is pleasing to and safe to humans
  • Eliminates the food source for foraging animals, driving rodents away to traps
  • Improves your overall pest management program

Direct Return on Investment!

    Stop losing finished goods because of contamination caused by rodents and animals. The use of just one Mint-X Pallet Cover can potentially save an entire pallet from being deemed contaminated and unsellable.

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Note: This product is not designed for food contact. It should be used to cover the outermost exterior packaging.