Mint-X Best Practices

We’re passionate about keeping wildlife pests out of your trash to give our customers more peace of mind in managing a home. Our experts have come up with a list of amazing tips to make our trash bags even more effective.

The Proof is in The Pudding (and the Lab)

Mint-X trash bags have been rigorously tested and proven to work in both lab and natural environments, so you can rest assured that they’ll work for you too!

Repetition is Key

While many of our customers experience success with Mint-X just after one night of use, our scientists have found that repetitive (and continued) use of our trash bags achieves even better results. Don’t be discouraged by mixed results, just keep following these tips and your rodent-trash problem will disappear.

Rodents are creatures of habit; this explains why your trash keeps getting torn into every night. Rodents soon learn that your home is a reliable spot for leftovers and keep coming back for more. But, once you start using Mint-X these rodents will learn a lesson: your home is no longer a curbside buffet. They’ll get a strong whiff of mint anytime they try to return, and immediately hightail to less mintier pastures.

Our trash bags have been proven to reduce animal torn bags after 1 week of repeated use. If you just bought Mint-X Trash Bags and notice that your bags are still torn into after the first night of use, don’t be alarmed, that’s completely normal.

Just continue using the Mint-X Bags to reinforce the lesson and teach pests to stay away from your trash.

How to Deal with Alpha Rodents

For larger and more aggressive rodents, we suggest double-bagging your trash with a fresh Mint-X Bag for the first 2 weeks.

Larger, more aggressive rodents have the ability to tear through trash bins and containers. As you can imagine, these “alpha rodents” can potentially do damage to anything that’s standing in the way of their dinner.  In general, these rodents’ hands are farther away from their noses, meaning that they can claw through trash without having to get too close to it.

To solve this problem, simply double-bag your trash with a fresh Mint-X Bag for 1-2 weeks when you first start using Mint-X.

Why Double-Bag?

Because rodents will have to spend 2x effort and energy to get through Mint-X’s powerful force field, meaning that they’ll learn to stay away from your trash 2x faster. After the first week or two, you can go back to using a single Mint-X trash bag.

Only Use Mint-X

Be sure to use only Mint-X Trash Bags. Using other trash bags along with Mint-X reduces the effectiveness of Mint-X trash bags because rodents are notorious for going into “feeding frenzies.”

“Feeding frenzy” is used to describe a group of rodents that go into an aggressive eating rampage. Essentially, they’ll eat through all the non-Mint-X trash bags and make a huge mess on your sidewalk. To make sure all your trash bags are undisturbed, only use Mint-X. The more Mint-X bags you use, the less likely you’ll have to clean up in the morning.

Clean Out Trash Containers

Did you know that the smell of food lingers in your trash container and storage area long after you’re able to smell it?

Use a household cleaner of your choice, let it soak in the trash can for 30 minutes up to several hours, and then rinse it out in the sink, tub, or using a hose outdoors. By taking this action, you’ll make sure that the food that sticks to the walls of your trash can doesn’t rub off onto a Mint-X Trash Bag and weaken its scent.

From Box to Curb

For the best results, use Mint-X trash bag within 3 days of removing the bags from the box.

Like any scented product, the strength of a fragrance gets weaker over time, so it’s important to place the bag outdoors when the scent is at its peak strength. Make sure to fill up your trash bag and have it ready for pick up on the curb within 3 days of taking the bag out of the box.

If the scent has weakened, just place the bag inside of a fresh, right-out-of-the-box Mint-X trash bags to maximize results.

Bait & Snap Traps

If you want to ensure that the rodents are gone for good, use bait & snap traps along with Mint-X trash bags. While our trash bags are extremely effective at keeping rodents from tearing through your trash, this is an extra step you can take.

Bait & Snap traps provide an alternative food source to the leftovers in your trash. Mint-X’s powerful scent is more than enough to make the rodents take a detour to the straight into the traps you’ve set. Using the Bait & Snap technique means that you’re tackling the whole problem completely; you’re not just repelling the rodents, you’re getting rid of them permanently.