Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a rodent problem or not, we work with our customers to answer questions and offer comprehensive advice when it comes to rodent control, prevention, and general use of our products.


I used Mint-X for the first time last night and it looks like the rodents still tried to get into the trash.  What gives?


What are these ingredients?


How much more expensive is a Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag than a regular trash bag?


I don’t have rodents, should I still use a Mint-X Trash Bag?


What does the bag smell like?


My town is requiring me to use rodent resistant trash bags. How will they know I am actually using one?


Will the mint scent rub off on my hands and clothes?


Is the Mint-X bag harmful to my pets, children, me?


Raccoons aren’t rodents!


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