Why Mint-X Technology?

Did you know that nearly 20% of the U.S. population suffers from rodents getting into their trash?

Everyone knows that awful feeling when you leave your home in the morning, only to find that your trash has been ripped and riffled through by some pesky rodent overnight – leaving the outside of your home covered in a mess of garbage. In 2003, we set out to find a solution to this universal problem.

Consumer research surveys show that homeowners believe the outside of their house is a reflection of the cleanliness of the inside of their house.

After extensive research and testing, we found our answer and Mint-X Rodent Repellent Technology was born. Using only the highest-quality mint essential oils, our trash bags are the world’s only EPA-registered safe and effective solution on the market – made 100% free of chemicals, toxins or other harmful ingredients.

With a pleasant and fresh mint scent, our trash bags not only repel rodents, raccoons and squirrels, but also neutralize odors and have superior strength, stretch and durability with our Mint-Flex Technology.

    I buy these bags because I live in the mountains and we have a plethora of wild animals. Everyone around that uses regular garbage cans and regular garbage bags constantly have the cans broken into. In two years I have not had a single incident.
    C. O’NeilAmazon Reviewer
    I live in Balto City where rats are a big problem! I bought these to keep the rats out of the trash cans because my dogs would chase them and knock the cans over at night. Love these bags, they do work! There are still rats in the neighborhood, but not in my trash cans!
    S. FloHome Depot Reviewer
    I had to get up at 4 AM one day a week to get my garbage out to the curb. If I put it out the night before the wildlife tore the trash bags open. These have worked and I am able to put my trash out the night before pickup.
    Mary H. Amazon Reviewer
    Five Stars! They smell wonderful, which is great for pets inside the house and pests outside the house.
    EllesbethWalmart Reviewer
    Never mind those other scented bags, these are great. The mint smell is fresh, and the little garbage destroyers don’t like it. We live in the South and we get all kinds of interesting scavengers. I love the smell and the bags are thick. Good purchase – will buy again.
    W.N. Home Depot Reviewer

A Leader in Plastic Manufacturing for Over 50 Years

After years of being in the commercial business of plastic bag manufacturing, our founder had heard repeating pleas from his customers for a solution to the overwhelming rodent and rat infestation problem facing building owners, housing authorities, food service providers and municipalities in every major American city.

Since its EPA-registration in 2009, Mint-X Technology has made pest management more effective for both commercial buildings, public spaces and individual homeowners alike – eliminating the problem of foraging animals at the source - and through continued use of our bags, have kept them away for good.