Our Product

The Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag is the world's only EPA approved and patented trash bag that will repel raccoons, rats and other rodents yet remain perfectly safe for human handling. Mint-X Trash Bags are proven effective at repelling rodents because an all-natural, mint scented fragrance is added to the plastic during the manufacturing (extrusion) process.

 "So... rodents don’t like mint?"

YEP! (We get asked that question every day.) Mint has long been a home remedy for keeping rodents out of gardens, so the key was to incorporate the smell of mint into the trash bags. Olfactory cues are much keener in rodents than in humans and so much more important to their survival. A rodent’s nasal cavity is comprised of 50% olfactory tissue compared to only 5% for humans.  For this reason the mint scent is extremely irritating to rodents, yet appealing and refreshing to humans.

Importance of EPA Registration

According to the United States Environmental Agency, a “pesticide” is any substance or mixture of substances intended for: preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest. In order to legally market a “pesticide” in the United States, the product must be registered with the US EPA. The EPA Registration process is a long and challenging process that requires rigorous testing on both the safety and the efficacy of the product. The EPA Registration is our badge of honor that proves the Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag is both 100% effective at repelling Raccoons and other rodents from trash and 100% safe for normal trash bag handling.

Additionally, the US EPA has classified the Mint-X Trash Bag as a "Biopesticide".  According to the EPA, “Biopesticides target specific pests and generally pose little or no risk to humans or the environment… Biopesticides can be used to significantly reduce reliance on [potentially dangerous] traditional pesticides.” EPA.Gov