Our Product

Why We Created Mint-X

When we put our trash out on the curb for pick up, we might as well be setting a dinner table for the raccoons and rodents that can’t wait to feast on our leftovers. Everyone knows that the daily effort required to clean up stinky, smelly garbage first thing in the morning is frustrating, stomach-turning, and a complete kill-joy!

(Talk about starting the day out on the wrong foot…)

Enough is enough!

And, was enough to get us to the drawing board! We walled ourselves up in the Mint-X labs and tested a lot of ideas, so many it would make your head spin. After months of tests, colored potions, and foiled hypotheses… 

Eureka!  We finally solved the Rubik’s cube! Along with the greatest problem in trash’s history!

Our Trash Bags

The science behind our trash bags is simple.  We use only the best ingredients: the highest-quality mint essential oils that naturally work to keep pesky wildlife away. Our trash bags contain no harsh chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous toxins around your kids or pets.

They Love Us, They Really Love Us!

Next, we successfully passed the rigorous testing required by the EPA in order to be granted full-registration rights as a repellent product. In 2014, we were voted Product of the Year in the Home Care Category in the largest consumer survey of innovation. 

Keep Your Mornings Happy

You ought to be celebrating each morning. And, how you spend your morning can often hint what kind of day you’re going to have. 

Imagine finally sitting down to breakfast (your favorite: ‘scrambled eggs and bacon’) and actually getting through Sudoku without a nuclear family meltdown… well, that’s the start to a super-magical, amazing day.

But on the flipside of that...

…cleaning up trash yesterday’s lasagna and Danny’s failed science experiment in what was once your finely pressed dress shirt, brand new running shoes, or favorite pair of power pumps isn’t exactly a good start to your morning.

In fact, all of these scenarios have one thing in common: they’re terrible, horrible, atrocious, nasty, ghastly, and simply put, possibly the grossest ways to start off a morning. Not only are you getting a full blast of funky smells coming from what used to be a working trash bag, but the rest of your day is tainted with the figurative and sadly, also literal stench of garbage.

No, you’re not alone. Learn more about our solution….